It's more than just a passion, it's a legacy...

Since its invention in 1809 by Frederick Fölsch, the fountain pen has been a symbol of excellence and gravitas. We invite you to explore our legacy, through our handmade pieces and innovations.

Discover our Collection

  • Handmade

    Each Frederick 𝔉 Fölsch fountain pen is handmade with love and care. All component parts are meticulously examned and assembled to our high standards.

  • Frederick 𝔉 Fölsch

    Frederick Fölsch is the inventor of the fountain pen. The first English fountain pen patent was granted over 200 years ago to Frederick Fölsch in May 1809.

  • Eternal Memories

    Our fountain pen range has a design for every occasion. Whether you need a gift on special days like weddings and retirements or gift for your loved ones.