Frederick Fölsch Pen Usage and Care

How to use your Frederick Folsch Fountain Pen

There are two typical ways to use your Frederick Folsch fountain pen. The first is to use the existing piston converter to fill the pen with ink from an ink bottle. The second involves using a standard ink cartridge. The second ink cartridge method is possible but not recommended as our fountain pens are made in the traditional way and are meant to be used with a converter. 


Using the Converter

  1. Unscrew the body of the pen from the nib.
  2. rotate the handle of the converter counter-clockwise until the plunger reaches the bottom of the inkwell.
  3. Slowly rotate the handle clockwise until the plunger has reached the top of the inkwell. Repeat this action to remove remaining air from the chamber.
  4. Using a paper towel or cloth, wipe the excess ink from the nib.
  5. Do NOT thrust the bib of the pen onto a writing surface to make the ink flow. This will damage the nib of the pen and ink flow will become erratic. 
  6. Hold the back of the pen above the paper and gently whip the pen until ink begins to extrude from the nib.
  7. Start drawing loops on a piece of paper, if ink is not flowing or stops flowing after a short period of time, repeat the previous step until ink flows consistently.


how to ink



Using Ink Cartridges

  1. First unscrew the body from the nib.
  2. Remove the ink refill converter and store.
  3. Snap ink cartridge into the nib on the pen (press firmly).